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In 2012 Saint Lukes received a $9,000 loan (Paid back in Full)

MANCHESTER, GA – St. Luke Charismatic Episcopal Church, Manchester, GA (Diocese of the Mid-South) closed the loan on their new church building on June 21, 2012. The congregation’s pastor, Canon Robert Wills, reported that the church is very excited, attendance is up, and the congregation plans to hold it’s first service in their new building on Sunday morning, June 24 which, appropriately, is Foundation Day in the ICCEC.

The acquisition of the building was made possible due in part to the receiving of a $9,000+ down payment loan from the Foundation Day Fund. Archbishop Craig Bates, the ICCEC’s Patriarch, was instrumental in making these funds available. Bishop David Epps assisted in obtaining financing with a local bank for the remainder. The church has been meeting in a store front for over a decade. Church Mutual reported that the replacement cost of the new building is well in excess of $300,000. St. Luke’s purchased the building and grounds from the United Methodist Church for just over $46,000. The church furniture, including pews, remains with the building.

Foundation Day is observed by every person in each CEC church giving $10.00 per person. A family of three, for example, would give $30.00 for the Foundation Day offering. Foundation Day funds go to projects just like the St. Luke property acquisition. Speaking about Foundation Day, Bp. David Epps said, “This is what Foundation Day is all about! This is why we give each June in this special offering.”

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