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All Saint’s Offering 2016
The Canons of the ICCEC require every Church to take up a Mission Offering on All Saint’s Sunday (Sunday closest to 1 November).  This offering is then given to the Primate’s Office and he distributes the money for various projects.
It was decided by the North American Primate’s Council that monies raised through the All Saint’s mission offering would be distributed to our churches in Africa.  For the past several years we have given the money to the General Secretaries, who in consensus with the Bishops in their region, have established micro-business projects.  The profits from these projects in being used for the development of the Diocese, constructing buildings, providing transportation, providing theological education, and other projects that the Bishops believe are important.  In addition, some monies are given to assist the General Secretary in ministering into various crisis situations.
You can read the reports and see the projects on our websites. ICCEC News and Missions It is exciting.  It is my hope that these micro businesses will empower the African Church way into the future.  It is my hope that this year we can even expand the project.
I have been in ministry long enough to have heard just about every excuse for not giving or not taking up an offering.  But those excuses are based on a faulty premise which is “when I get some extra money, I will give.”  Though that sounds good it is not in accordance with Biblical teaching.  Stewardship is not about giving in the future it is what we are doing with what we have right now.  It is in giving, that we receive.  In fact, it is more blessed to give than to receive.  And, if we give it will be given unto us.
When we take up the Mission Offering we are opening ourselves up to participation in something so much bigger than our local concerns or even our personal concerns.  We are able to sow seed into the advancement of God’s Kingdom around the world.  We are impacting the lives of thousands.
I know each of us wants to give.  Walk by faith.  Give from the heart.  Give in response to the Lord Holy Spirit asking us to give.  We can expect great things to happen.


Under His mercy,
The Most Rev. Craig W. Bates,
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