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Dear fellow servants in the Vineyard,

Last Sunday, I showed a Video that is included in this mailing to my congregation. At one service, they gave a standing ovation at the end of it. But one comment stood out. A gentleman in our Church came up to me and said, “it is really true that a picture is worth a thousand words.”

My wife Cathy, who took all the photos, and a young woman from our Church, put together this Video to help explain the connection between the All Saints Mission Offering, the micro-business projects, and the ministries and programs the micro-businesses support. OUR HOPE IS THAT EVERY CHURCH AND MISSION WILL SHOW THE DVD or download the Video, ASAP, TO HELP OUR MEMBERS UNDERSTAND THE BLESSING OF GIVING TO THE ALL SAINTS MISSION.

With the money we raise, the Bishops of Africa have started small businesses. The profits from these businesses are either re-invested to enlarge the business or used directly to purchase land, build buildings for schools, build churches, build housing for orphans, medical clinics, dig wells, and in one case opened a residential seminary. The monies also help sustain the work of the ministry in each diocese providing resources for transportation for bishops and the consecration of bishops. As we invest in the micro-businesses, we are raising up a church in Africa that will be self-sustaining, and it enables them to expand their ability to bring and proclaim the Gospel.

PLEASE USE THIS VIDEO AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you have any questions, you can e-mail Dn. John Garrett at [email protected]

The Canons direct us to take this offering, and so we should take in out of obedience. But, it is more important to take the offering because God is using us – a very small communion – to impact generations to come with the Gospel. We are not only helping the poor today but ready for tomorrow.

God bless you as you minister. I pray for you often and look forward to when we can gather in Convocation with all the clergy and hundreds of laity.

Under His mercy,


The Most Rev. Craig W. Bates,
Primate, CEC-NA

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