All Saints Day, Missions and Development Offering

We take a Missions and Development Offering each year on All Saints Sunday, the Sunday closest to 1 Nov (All Saints Day).

The Offering is taken up from CEC churches and individuals and then sent to the ICCEC offices in New York.  The four General Secretaries in Africa then invest these fund into expanding or developing new micro-businesses.


Patriarch's Message for 2020

The year 2020 has been an interesting year and it is not yet over.  We are still in a pandemic.  We are not sure of the future regarding that pandemic.  Is there going to be a vaccine by the end of the year or early next year?  Are we going to have a second wave?  Are we to believe, as some have suggested, that the darkest days are ahead of us, or that we are on the verge of a breakthrough in treatment and prevention? 

We are also experiencing an economic recovery, though I hear that is slowing down.  Some businesses are still shut down.  Many are facing the loss of income and it has put them in hard times.  It seems that Congress has stalled, and they are caught up in partisan politics and plays for power rather than finding ways to assist so many hurting people. 

We are in an election cycle that has become more divisive than I can remember.  I know of people who have lost long-standing friendships over politics.  I know people who are afraid to express their opinions for fear of retaliation.  I am uncertain what is going to happen no matter who wins the election.  Could we be in for a more divisive atmosphere?

Someone said to me that they normally don’t stay up on New Year’s Eve, but this year they will make sure they are wide awake at midnight.  Not so much to welcome in the New Year but to make sure 2020 leaves. 

The life of the Church has gone on during all of this and will continue to go on after it is all over and we face the next thing.  The life of the Church and her mission is not determined by the course of world events or circumstances, but it is determined by the Holy Spirit.  Our mission is still focused on the King and the Kingdom.  In this pandemic and this election cycle, the Word continues to be preached and the sacraments are being administered.   While we are forced to embrace the virtual world, we have discovered so many means of not surviving but increasing our outreach and our ability to preach the Good News.

I remember hearing a sermon on giving when I was a young pastor.  It was a sermon that changed my perspective on giving to the Lord and His work.  It led me to believe that life is meant to be a life of giving and not taking.  In other words, the quality of life is determined not by what we get out of life, but what we put into life from our time, our talents, and our treasures. 

The preacher was talking about what to do in time of lacking finances and resources.  The sermon was given in the late seventies when the nation was in the midst of run-away inflation, interest rates were at 18%, unemployment was extremely high, and we were lacking oil and gas. The shortages forced many Americans to stand in gas lines (if there was gas).  I remember as a pastor having meeting after meeting about how we were going to heat the Church and if we were going to meet our small budget at the end of the year. 

When I saw this teaching called “attack your lack” on a cassette tape (remember those) I immediately picked it up and listened to it.  The central point of the message is that lack is not an obstacle but an opportunity to move by faith.  He said it made no sense but the victory over lack is to give more away.  If you are in need then you need to give at the point of your need.  He said we are called to put our treasure where we want our heart to go and our heart should be going more and more into the direction of trusting God.

I know many are facing lack in the CEC.  But God has a plan, and it is giving of our time, talent, and treasure into the work of the Kingdom.  God’s resources are unlimited, and He is ready to provide for us and it might be miraculously.  I have found this teaching to be true over the 40 years I have served as a pastor and have tried to follow Jesus.  So the Mission offering gives me and you a means of releasing our faith into the work of God in East Africa. 

So much has been accomplished through your generosity.  We have schools, a seminary, churches, orphanages, water projects, and a host of other ministries.  One hundred percent of the offering gathered on Mission Sunday goes to developing projects that generate money to increase the work of the Lord.  There is a short video on CEC-NA or can be made available to you to watch and show you people.  I hope every Cathedral shows the video and you can join them and watch it yourself.

We need to attack our lack.  It is time to trust more and more in God’s provision for us, because He is trustworthy, and His promises are true.   It is not a time to worry.  It is time to step up and step out with the message of Jesus.  As we release our faith in Christ, we will find that even in our desperation He will hear and answer our prayer.  We will give generously and then expect God to release blessings in abundance because He is a generous God.

Under His mercy,
The Most Rev. Craig W. Bates,

The Ministry

Missions and Development


The CEC seeks to make a lasting change in developing countries while helping those in need today.

We provide funds and guidance to help those in need, develop their own profit-making micro-businesses.  The profit from these businesses will produce more income over time, with more local control.

100% of the funds go to General Secretaries.  No part of the funds are used for travel or any administrative fees.  Any fees required to transfer funds are taken from the Patriarch’s office tithe, which goes to support missions.


We recognize that there are needs today, so we set aside 20% of all our funds to provide for those who are hurt, hunger, and helpless. The local Bishops distribute these funds as they see the need.

This allows the local bishop to meet the need at his local area for those needs he sees. Just some of the ways these funds have been used are medical help, medicine, crutches, feeding, support of families with the breadwinner jailed, the refugee crisis, funerals and other acts of mercy.

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Clean Water

Sawyer Water filters are an economical, safe and easy to provide safe water to any place that has a need. Wells that provide clean water is wonderful, but in Africa, they must be deep and powered by a diesel engine. Many places cannot either afford to have these wells dug, or once dug to maintain the pumping station without charging for the water.We provide Sawyer Water filters to communities in Africa, where clean water is difficult to produce.

These filter answer the need, for very effective but inexperience solution. FEATURES of the Sawyer PointONE All in One Filter Gives you the ability to use the Sawyer PointONE 0.10 Absolute Micron Water Filter attached to a squeeze pouch, attached to a standard 5-gallon bucket, or attached to a home faucet. The “build your own gravity system” can yield up to hundred of gallons of clean water per day from any fresh water source Kit includes: the Sawyer 0.1 Micron Absolute Micron Hollow Fiber Membrane Screw On/Off Filter, 32 oz Squeeze Pouch, 2 Pop-up Drinking Spouts, 1 bucket adapter kit, 1 faucet adapter, and 1 filter cleaner Life Expectancy: 1 Million Gallons Guaranteed Bucket not included

Vestments & Church Items

Many churches are in desperate need of the most basic items to conduct mass, such as Bibles, Prayer Books, chalices and patens, albs, stoles, cassocks and surplices If you have items you would like to collect and send to the African Churches.

Please mail them to: ICCEC Development, Attn. Vestments and Liturgical Wares, 50 Saint Thomas Place, Malverne, NY 11565-1635
All items will be mailed or brought over with people traveling to those areas Missions Offering

Missions and Development

Why do we take a Missions and Development Offering each year on All Saints Sunday, the Sunday closest to 1 Nov (All Saints Day), this is 6 Nov this year.  The Offering is taken up from CEC churches and individuals and then sent to the ICCEC offices in New York.  The funds are recorded online, so each Rector can see that their funds have been received and credited properly. The four General Secretaries in Africa are then given the amounts they can expect to receive. -Bishop Gogo (Uganda, South Sudan and Southern Congo)
-Bishop Koyo (Kenya)
-Bishop Sekelwa (Tanzania)
-Bishop Emmanuel (Rwanda and Northern Congo)

With 80% going to start or reinvest in micro-businesses and 20% designated for mercy needs (medical, disaster, refugee, food etc). The General Secretaries then account for last year’s funds and their successes, and provide the plans for the upcoming year.

The funds are starting to bear fruit, by providing the local Bishops with their own funds to build churches, schools, buy transportation, and to create jobs.  They are becoming self-sufficient and standing on their own.

It is often said, “Give a man a fish and eats for a day, Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” But in Africa we must ask the question, what if the man has no fishing pole? Let us help provide the means to help them break the cycle of poverty and dependence.  Thank you. Donate

Our primary Missions offering is All Saint’s Sunday, but we collect offerings all year and distribute them in between Jan-April following All Saints Sunday.

Offering Years201520162017201820192020
Amount Raised$ 21,945.07$ 21,128.96$ 28,128.96$ 22,558.37$ 31,143.00$ 1,855.00 (to date)