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Foundation Day
(or Founders Day)

Each year on the Sunday closest to the consecration of our first Bishop, Archbishop Adler (26 June 1992) we collect an offering. This offering was originally made to present Archbishop Adler with funds to help him in his ministry, instead, he said that the best use of this money was to provide grants and loans to our churches that were building and expanding their churches.

These funds are used to help CEC missions and church build and expand their buildings.


The Foundation Offering is normally taken up by each Church.  Mail  Check made out to ‘CEC’ 50 Saint Thomas Pl, Malverne, NY 11565.  Offerings can also be made online.  See the button below.

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Foundation Day

Each year on the Sunday closest to the consecration of our first Bishop, Archbishop Adler (26 June, 1992) we collect an offering, we ask each person to contribute $10 per person in their family to the Founders Day Fund. This money is then distributed in thirds.


Grants are provided from 1/3 of the donations recevied.  Funds not used in a given yera are rolled over the the next year


Loans are provided from 1/3 of the donation received, plus the previous loans that have been paid back. Loans are provided at 3% simple interest, with an initial 3 year grace period, in which no interest or fees incur. Funds not used in a given year, are rolled over to the next year.


The investment comes from 1/3 of the donations received. These funds are invested into and Vanguard S&P index stock fund. These funds have been accumulating for many years, and at the present no plans to withdrawal or distribute the funds.

Current Funds AvailableGrants AvailableLoans AvailableInvested
as of Oct 2019$ 26,076.49$ 111,334.68$ 251,777.00
Funds Raised by Year201420152016201720182019
$ 27,364.78$ 21,945.07$ 21,620.00$ 21,923.57$ 20,635.24$ 15,419.20

Investment Vehicles

Investment Funds are kept in Vanguard Low-Cost Mutual fund that indexes the S&P.

How to Apply

Please download and complete this form, along with your Bishop Endorsement, and mail to 50 Saint Thomas PL, Malverne, NY 11565

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