Create a church landing page

A Landing Page Answers One Specific Question and Provides an Action

Create a Church Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?  A landing page is your website’s web page that is dedicated to a very particular topic—for example, a ministry like Grief Share, Financial coaching.    

You want to be an answer to someone who Googles “Help with loss of a parent,” “help grieving,” “Help to get out of debt,” “Create a Christian Budget.” 

These searches lead people to your web page, and the web page offers them help. You must provide more than an explanation; you must provide a solution, sign up, contact us for the next session, etc. 

A Landing Page funnels searches to you

Create a Church Landing Page

How to Create a Landing Page for your Church

But first, some terms: Conversion Rate: Businesses use landing pages to convert a visitor to a sale, lead or contact. So, when you are Googling landing pages you will hear the term “Conversion rate,” the percentage of visitors that turns into sales, leads, or contacts.

CTA:  Call to Action.  A button or form on the webpage that captures the visitor’s information so that you can connect with them. 

Engagement:  When a person on your webpage decides to interact with you webpage by liking, clicking, watching, or scrolling down. 

Step One:  Ensure you and everyone else understand that the landing page has a single focus and single purpose.

Step Two:  Choose the topic for your landing page. Start with something  unique to you or your area. Think about what someone will enter in a search bar. People are not searching for “Saint Bob Church in my town” they are searching with questions. They may search for “churches in my town,” and that traffic should go to your home page.

Step Three:  Create a web page to answer one question you have the answer to.  Christ is the answer, and you need to find what questions your neighbors are asking.

Step Four:  Once you answer the questions, provide an action to help.  Direction to the church won’t work; they need an answer to the question they asked. Once they have read and watched your page, give them help. Give them something pertinent to download or let them ask a question through a form to sign up for more updates on that subject. This is called engagement.

Step Five:  Seeing is believing. This is a simple Landing Page for Intercessor Church in Malverne. Click Here

Step Six:  Market your Landing Page. You can do this for free on your Facebook feed, or if you are able, buy some advertising on Facebook and Instagram. This Grief Share page was so successful, they filled up the class in a week.

What is a Landing Page

Create a Church Landing Page

How to Promote a Landing Page

Create a Church Landing Page