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2018 CEC-NA Convocation

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The 2018 Convocation is just around the corner.

10,11,12 (Tues-Thurs) July in Henderson, NV

See below to register for the Convocation and to make your Hoel Reservations.

We Meet in

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2018 CEC North American Convocation

The Convocation will be in Henderson Nevada. While we are working on the details of the schedule, we plan to update this web page often.

2018 Convocation

A Holy Convocation 2018

I believe the last Convocation for Clergy held in Malverne, New York, was not only anointed, but was a breakthrough moment for many who work day after day in God’s Vineyard. I believe the last Church Growth Conference in Orlando, Florida was also a major breakthrough and an advance in the Kingdom. More importantly, everyone I talked with, especially the Bishops, confirmed that something significant has been happening in the spiritual realm. It is now, in many places, being manifested in the natural realm.

I am now calling the entire Charismatic Episcopal Church of North America—every man, woman, and child—to come to Henderson, Nevada on July 10-12, 2018, where we will gather in Holy Convocation to worship Jesus and listen to the voice of the Lord.

Why Henderson, Nevada?

First, we have a Church in Henderson that is undergoing a spiritual awakening.  It is a small, but growing congregation that is reaching into the surrounding community and is having an impact on the neighborhoods, families, and particularly young men. The Rector and the people of St. Paul’s have moved from a storefront into their own building.

They are excited about hosting this convocation and welcoming us to their community.

Second, Henderson is a family vacation destination. There are water parks, shows, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and literally hundreds of things that a family can do together.

Third, Henderson is easy to get to by plane. Henderson is outside of Las Vegas.  Every city has a flight to Las Vegas, and many have flights several times a day.  Also, since July is off-season, the flights should be reasonable. Though a long drive for some, the trip to Henderson, Nevada can be a vacation in an of itself.  In fact, Cathy and I have considered doing the drive and seeing the “fly over” parts of the country.

Fourth, room and board are inexpensive. The Hotel where we are staying is giving us phenomenal rooms for $60 a night. And, like most family vacation spots, there are affordable restaurants and fast food establishments everywhere you look.

Fifth, the Hotel has offered us space where we can worship and meet. This will keep the expenses of the Convocation at a minimum. In addition, the hotel has a pool, places to gather, and good restaurants.

But most importantly, I believe God wants us to go to Henderson, Nevada so He can “meet us in the desert.”  And then God wants to lead us out of the desert and into the place of our inheritance. Our Father wants us to gather for a season of Eucharistic worship, of prophetic teaching and ministry, and of fellowship around the Bishops.

The Church in the United States, and not just the CEC, finds itself in difficult times. Over the past couple of decades, our country has become more and more divided. At the same time, the country is turning farther and farther away from its Christian roots. Fewer people are attending Church, particularly among the Millennials. Traditional values are being uprooted and tossed aside. The Bible is no longer the moral standard for behavior. I believe things are going to get worse as people turn away from God.

I also believe that as it gets darker, there will come upon our nation a holy desperation—a thirst and a hunger for the living God. And God is raising up a people who will be ready for the harvest of souls. A church that is rooted in the ancient faith, teaching the ancient ways, and speaking into a twenty-first century people.

I want to challenge your faith. I know for many, your first response is “It costs too much.” Or, “It’s too far away.” Or, “I am not sure we will be able to get the time off.” Then, “My people will not come.”  Do you think those are the words and thoughts of a people of faith? Do you think those are the thoughts of the Holy Spirit who is calling God’s people together? Pray and increase your faith and the faith of your people. Begin to speak now in the expectation of God about the phenomenal events about to unfold. Be prepared to have it written in your heart for decades to come: “I was in Henderson when God moved upon the Church.”

Under His mercy,


The Most Rev. Craig W. Bates,

Patriarch, ICCEC

The 2018 Convocation will be 10,11,12 (Tues-Thurs) July in Henderson, NV at the East Side Cannery Hotel. 

Please Sign Up with the CEC Registration and then make your Hotel reservations.

Room rate is $49.99 Mon-Thurs, 89.99 on Friday.

CEC Registration can be done here.

Hotel Reservations can be made in two ways

1) Phone: (702)-856-5300 or (866)-999-4899, Group Code “ICCEC”
2) Online at East Side Cannery make a Reservation.   Package Code “ICCEC”

Reservation Cut-off Date: June 9, 2018
A credit card deposit of $75.00 will be required at check-in to guarantee incidentals. Each credit card will be authorized (not charged) for $75.00 which will be released at
Check-out. Funds from a debit card will be shown as a charge.

48-hr Cancellation (canceled and/or no-shows will be charged first night’s room and tax)

Hotel address is: 5255 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas, NV 89122
Nearest Airport is: McCarran International Airport (LAS), which is 15-20 minutes from the Hotel.

Shuttle Service to Hotel->>>Click Here            UBER Details->>> Click Here


Things to Do

 TitleAttendeesAdult / YouthDiocese
ArchbishopCraig BatesAdultMalverne
MrsCathy BatesAdultMalverne
DeaconJohn GarrettAdultMalverne
MrsSandra GarrettAdultMalverne
Jennifer GarrettAdultMalverne
Jason LubovYouthMalverne
DeaconKeith LiboltAdultNorthEast
MrsDonna LiboltAdultNorthEast
BishopMichael DavidsonAdultCentral
MrsCathie DavidsonAdultCentral
FrDavid HueholtAdultGulf Coast & Carolina's
DrTherese HueholtAdultGulf Coast & Carolina's
Fr Chris KeoughAdultCentral
MrsDawn KeoughAdultCentral
Fr David AndersonAdultWest
MrsJody AndersonAdultWest
FrScott LookerAdultFlorida
Mrs.Lizz LookerAdultFlorida
Catherine LookerYouthFlorida
Nathaniel LookerYouthFlorida
John LookerYouthFlorida
Joseph LookerYouthFlorida
FrRick CapezzaAdultWest
MrsRachel CapezzaAdultWest
Mr.Nathan EyreAdultWest
Kyrie CapezzaYouthWest
Antonio CapezzaYouthWest
Epiphany CapezzaYouthWest
Matteo CapezzaYouthWest
BishopDavid SimpsonAdultFlorida
Mrs Antonia SimpsonAdultFlorida
DeaconRalph ModjeskaAdultCentral
Mrs.Nannette ModjeskaAdultCentral
FatherBrett TravisAdultMid-South
MrsPam TravisAdultMid-South
FatherMark FinleyAdultGulf Coast & Carolinas
MrsStacy FinleyAdultGulf Coast & Carolina
FatherRob NorthwoodAdultCentral
MrsSarah NorthwoodAdultCentral
Deacon Adrian GriffisAdultFlorida
MrsPaula GriffisAdultFlorida
FatherIan YorstonAdultCentral
MrsRuth YorstonAdultCentral
MrStephen HouseAdultWest
MrsSandi HouseAdultWest
Luke HouseYouthWest
John Paul HouseYouthWest
Anna HouseYouthWest
Stephen HouseYouthWest
Evalynn HouseYouthWest
Mr.Eddie SlukaAdultCentral
Mrs. Deborah SlukaAdultCentral
FatherTerry HedrickAdultCentral
MrsJulie HedrickAdultCentral
Mr.Troy MitchellAdultCentral
MrsSharon MitchellAdultCentral
Anna MitchellYouthCentral
KayLee MitchellYouthCentral
Stephen MitchellYouthCentral
John MitchellYouthCentral
Daniel MitchellYouthCentral
BishopGregory OrtizAdultNorthEast
Mrs.Cathy OrtizAdultNortheast
Mr.Kyle NelsonAdultArmed Forces
FatherJames Anthony McGeeAdultMid-South
Mrs.Jeanie McGeeAdultMid-South
FatherMark NelsonAdultWest
Mrs.Brooke NelsonAdultWest
Bishop Douglas KesslerAdultWest
Mrs.Karen KesslerAdultWest
Mr.Ron MuddAdultWest
MrsEsther Pagan-MuddAdultWest
BishopDavid EppsAdultMid-South
FrMartin EppardAdultCentral
MrsGwyn EppardAdultCentral
Mr.Matt MancusoAdultCentral
Mrs.Kim MancusoAdultCentral
FatherJim WrightAdultWest
Nickie WrightAdultWest
Mr.Carlton BeckstromAdultCentral
MrsKaren BeckstromAdultCentral
FatherRobert ReedAdultWest
Mrs.Nancy ReedAdultWest
FrMark MillerAdultWest
John HouseAdultWest
Ali HouseAdultWest
FatherJames KingAdultNorthEast
MrsDeborah KingAdultNorthEast
FatherVictor ConkleAdultWest
Mrs.KC ConkleAdultWest
FatherRob CarlAdultCentral
Mrs.Meg CarlAdultCentral
Rev.Jon JacksonAdultCentral
Mrs.Marji JacksonAdultCentral
Mr.Lane KnoxAdultCentral
Mrs. Loretta KnoxAdultCentral
Mr.Chris RollmanAdultCentral
Mrs.Libby RollmanAdultCentral
Mr.Jessie BattertonAdultWest
Mrs.Esther BattertonAdultWest
Mr.Michael BarryAdultWest
Miss Mary MagnessAdultCentral
Gloria NorthwoodYouthCentral
Uriah NorthwoodYouthCentral
Mrs. Jeanne BifulcoAdultMalverne
Miss Hayley BifulcoAdultMalverne
Father James NilonAdultFlorida
Mr. Drew BradfieldAdultWest
Mrs. Stephanie BradfieldAdultWest
FatherLon PardeeAdultFlorida
Mrs. Frances (Dru) PardeeAdultFlorida
Deacon Phillip JohnsonAdultWest
Mrs. Kelly JohnsonAdultWest
Maryjane JohnsonYouthWest
Charlotte JohnsonYouthWest
Father Stephen MaloneyAdultMalverne
Mrs. Maria MaloneyAdultMalverne
Ms.Elysha MaloneyAdultMalverne
Hannah MaloneyYouthMalverne
FrDavid BlackAdultWest
MrsSandra BlackAdultWest
MsJill BonninAdultNorthEast
Mr.Loren BonninAdultNorthEast
Mr. Patrick BonninAdultNorthEast
Bella BonninYouthNorthEast
Niko BonninYouthNorthEast
Michaela BonninYouthNorthEast
Maggie BonninYouthNorthEast
MrsJenette GonzalezAdultArmed Forces
Xavier GonzalezYouthArmed Forces
Veronica GonzalezYouthArmed Forces
Olivia GonzalezYouthArmed Forces
Eva GonzalezYouthArmed Forces
Elian GonzalezYouthArmed Forces
DcnRalph LeGrandAdultMalverne
MrsJamie LeGrandAdultMalverne
MissMiss Emily LeGrandAdultMalverne
Sarah LeGrandYouthMalverne
Addison LeGrandYouthMalverne
Mr. Joshua Adler-GuliuzzaAdultGulf Coast and Carolina's
Mrs. Ashley Adler-GuliuzzaAdultGulf Coast and Carolina's
Deacon George GoinAdultGulf Coast and Carolina's
Mrs. Rosemary GoinAdultGulf Coast and Carolina's
Deacon Larry RiegerAdultCentral
Mr. Gerald SteinerAdultWest
Mrs. Patricia SteinerAdultWest
Father Mike DiTarantoAduktWest
Thomas DiTarantoYouthWest
Deacon Jerry SharplessAdultGulf Coast and Carolina's
Mrs. Laura SharplessAdultGulf Coast and Carolina's
FatherJerry Meixner AdultWest
Mr. Eric ReedAdultWest
Mrs. Rebekah ReedAdultWest
Robert ReedYouthWest
Debora ReedYouthWest
Austin ReedYouthWest
Miriam ReedYouthWest
William ReedYouthWest
Mr. Vincent FerraroAdultNorthEast
Ms. Theresa FerraroAdultNorthEast
Kayci FerraroYouthNorthEast
Aidyn FerraroYouthNorthEast
Father Jonathan LandonAdultWest
Mr. Gordon OkumuAdultWest
Father Brett CromptonAdultNorthEast
Mrs.Laurie Ann CromptonAdultNorthEast
Trinity CromptonYouthNorthEast
Aidan CromptonYouthNorthEast
FatherDavid HoffAdultWest
Mrs.Margaret HoffAdultWest
Mr.Bill RuthAdultWest
Mrs.Nancy RuthAdultWest
Ms.Elizabeth Walsh AdultCentral
Mr. Russ LaPierAdultWest
Ms. Elizabeth WalshAdultCentral
Father Richard MaciejewskiAdultWest
Mrs. Joann MaciejewskiAdultWest
Luke MaciejewskiAdultWest
Nadia MaciejewskiAdultWest
Ms. Mary L. PersonAdultNorthEast
Mrs. Paula HintonAdultNorthEast
Ms. Tammy SametAdultNorthEast
Father Jim HouseAdultWest
Mrs. Kristina HouseAdultWest
Miss Jane HouseAdultWest
Mrs. Mia MuellerAdultWest
MrTheodore HoverAdultWest
MrsDorothy HoverAdultWest
FatherBruce LapierAdultWest
MrsJoan LaPierAdultWest
MrsPaula HintonAdultNorthEast
Mr.Sam MercerAdultWest
MrsNorma MercerAdultWest
MissAmanda MercerAdultWest
MissBrittany HillAdultWest
Patrick HillYouthWest
Evan HillYouthWest
Nicholas KnightsYouthWest
FatherDavid KlampertAdultWest
Mrs.Nancy KlampertAdultWest
FatherDan WhitAdultGulf Coast
MrsDeborah WhittAdultGulf Coast
MissHannah FlanaganAdultGulf Coast
Elorah FlanaganYouthGulf Coast
Corinah FlanaganYouthGulf Coast
Aedan FlanaganYouthGulf Coast
FatherLewis PowellAdultWest
MrsDebbie PowellAdultWest
MissMary PowellAdultWest
Chrisy PowellYouthWest
Megan PowellYouthWest
MrJesse HarrisAdultWest
Mrs.Haley HarrisAdultWest
Rowen HarrisYouthWest
BishopGene LillyAdultFlorida
Mrs.Phyllis LillyAdultFlorida
MrPeter DonohueAdultNortheast
Mrs.Susan DonohueAdultNortheast
DeaconArt BallosAdultCentral
Mrs.Dulce BallosAdultCentral
Michael BallosYouthCentral
David BallosYouthCentral
Sophia BallosYouthCentral
Gabriel BallosYouthCentral
FatherJoseph CiccarelloAdultNorthEast
MrsMrs. Melanie CiccarelloAdultNorthEast
MrRonald BroylesAdultWest
Mr. Tony MonarrezAdultWest
Ms. Amber ThibodeauAdultWest
Charlotte ThibodeauYouthWest
Antonio MonarrezYouthWest
Mr. Nathan PowellAdultWest
Mrs.Elizabeth PowellAdultWest
Trinity PowellYouthWest
Claire PowellYouthWest
Mia PowellYouthWest
NJ PowellYouthWest
Madison PowellYouthWest
FatherChris MoranAdultWest
Mrs.Sandra MoranAdultWest
Caleb MoranYouthWest
Emma MoranYouthWest
Ms. Terri ThomasAdultWest
FatherEric OrkinAdultNorthEast
Father Jim YounceAdultWest
Mrs. Carrie YounceAdultWest
Miss Anna YounceYouthWest
FatherGerard FreemanAdultGulf Coast
Ingrid FreemanAdultGulf Coast
FatherJim KingAdultNorthEast
Mrs.Deborah KingAdultNorthEast
DrJoyce JohnsonAdultWest
FatherBill XenosAdultGulf Coast
MrsMelissa XenosAdultGulf Coast
FatherAndrew WynsAdultNorthEast
MrsDel hancockAdultWest
ArchBishopChuck JonesAdultGulf Coast
Mrs.Olivia JonesAdultGulf Coast
MrDean Van LeuvenAdultWest
Mrs.Angela Van LeuvenAdultWest
Austin BradfieldYouthWest
DeaconBrandon IbaraAdultWest
Mrs.Christyn IbaraAdultWest
FatherColin MorrisAdultFlorida
Donna LogsdonAdultWest
Kevin LogsdonAdultWest
Mrs. Nancy OlsenAdultNorthEast
Mr. Gauen AlexanderAdultWest
Mrs. Sarah AlexanderAdultWest
Granison AlexanderYouthWest
Louise AndrewsAdultFlorida
Mr. Charlie RandallAdultWest
Mrs. Vickie RandallAdultWest
Mr. Angel LopezAdultNorthEast
Ms. Shari LopezAdultNorthEast
Salvatore GrecioYouthNorthEast
Mr. John R. HouseAdultWest
Mrs. Carolyn HouseAdultWest
Matthew HouseYouthWest
Mark HouseYouthWest
Mrs. Chris CarpenterAdultWest
Mr. Rich MuellerAdultWest
Mrs. Ranee MuellerAdultWest
Alexander MuellerAdultWest
Dominic MuellerAdultWest
Elijah MuellerYouthWest
Amira MuellerYouthWest
Jerome MuellerYouthWest
Yasmina MuellerYouthWest
Mariam MuellerYouthWest
Nejat MuellerYouthWest
Mr. Christopher BoardmanAdultWest
Ms. Wendy GordonAdultWest
Shylin MartinezYouthWest
Bonnie MartinezYouthWest
Reese MartinezYouthWest
Mr. Eric StrausAdultWest
Ms. Shawncy LittleAdultWest
Miss Elizabeth LeGrandAdultNorthEast
Ms. Yiyang RayAdultWest
Stephanie RayYouthWest
Mr. Manny TorresAdultWest
Mrs. Amanda SanchezWest
Fabian SanchezYouthWest
Angelik SanchezYouthWest
Tatiana SanchezYouthWest
Mason TorresYouthWest
Hector TorresYouthWest
Joe TorresYouthWest
Destiny TorresYouthWest
Mr. Matthew MacphersonAdultWest
Mrs. Evelyn MacphersonAdultWest
Isabella MacphersonYouthWest
Adeleh MacphersonYouthWest
Lilly-ann MacphersonYouthWest
Hazel MacphersonYouthWest
Penny MacphersonYouthWest
Father Jim SwatzellAdultGulf Coast & Carolinas
Mrs. Becky SwatzellAdultGulf Coast & Carolinas
Miss Monica SwatzellYouthGulf Coast & Carolinas
Aidan SwatzellYouthGulf Coast & Carolinas
Ms. Linda CarnicelliAdultWest
Deacon Mackay BryanAdultGulf Coast & Carolinas
Mrs. Janice BryanAdultGulf Coast & Carolinas

Convocation 2018 Schedule


2018 Convocation Schedule
(Updated as of 18 May)

Nevada State Museum The museum depicts Southern Nevada’s plants, animals, fossils and history from the Ice Age to modern times.

Only in Vegas could you find America’s largest indoor theme park encased beneath a five-and-a-half-acre glass dome, complete with pink trim. The Adventuredome is exactly what its name suggests — a thrill-seeker’s delight

The Aquarium at the Silverton Located within the cozy Silverton Hotel, a 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium provides entertainment on a scale one can enjoy only in Las Vegas.

Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York This state-of-the-art roller coaster, located right on the Las Vegas Strip, incorporates high velocity and inversions, including a unique heartline twist and dive

Discovery Children’s Museum More than 100 hands-on exhibits in the arts, humanities and sciences at one of the country’s largest children’s museums.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour and Cactus Garden Ethel M Chocolates panders to the sweet tooth in all of us. After the tour, visitors can stroll through the ocotillo, prickly pear and saguaros in the cactus garden.

Gondola Located in St. Mark’s Square, the gondola ride is the Venetian’s most popular attraction. So popular, in fact, that the Venetian had to hire more gondoliers to meet demand — and it still sells out every day.

Grand Canyon Grand Canyon National Park is a natural wonder measuring one mile deep and about 280 miles long. Although several other canyons have been carved along the Colorado River, this area is the most spectacular.

Hershey’s Chocolate World This two-story candy shop is packed with offerings from all Hershey’s brand products plus a bakery, souvenirs and an 800-pound chocolate replica of the Statue of Liberty.

High Roller Located at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, The High Roller is the world’s largest observation wheel with 28 transparent pods holding 40 passengers each.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum Marine life, Nevada’s wildlife and animated dinosaurs are featured, plus a children’s hands-on learning room.

M&M’s World M&M’s World delivers four stories of colorful fun to the Showcase Mall, offering a brilliant spectrum of the candy-coated treats and various items, including everything from T-shirts and caps to limited-edition lithographs.

The most fun water park in Las Vegas is Cowabunga Bay in Henderson, NV. With attractions for guests of all ages, it’s the best way to beat the heat!

Madame Tussauds Las Vegas Madame Tussauds features more than 100 exquisite wax figures of the world’s most famous stars.

Red Rock Canyon At Red Rock Canyon, visitors can hike, picnic and view plant and animal life under 3,000-foot-high red rock formations.

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage is home to some of the world’s rarest and most exotic animals.

Shark Reef Ranging in size from a 12-foot nurse shark to 1 1/2-foot baby zebra sharks — which are in a small “touch tank” — the Shark Reef pleases patrons big and small.

Springs Preserve From interactive children’s exhibits to a number of outdoor activities, kids taking a trip to the Springs Preserve can discover the fun elements of science and nature.

Stratosphere Tower View the city in 360-degree panorama at the Stratosphere Tower.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition Featuring more than 300 artifacts, as well as breathtaking replicas from the famous ship, the Titanic exhibit truly brings history to life.

Thank you for considering helping the Convocation.  Please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you about the opportunities and requirement.  We ask that all volunteers be at least age 13.

Convocation Volunteer

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