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Three Canon Missioners appointed for the Northeast

On May 3, 2019, Bishop Gregory Ortiz appointed Frs. Arthur Dones, Andrew Wyns, and Eric Ockrin to serve the Diocese of the Northeast as Canon Missioners. These men assist the bishop by providing leadership and ministry beyond their local parishes. …

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CLERGY CONFERENCE for the Northeast Diocese

The Diocese of the Northeast held a Clergy Conference. Each day started with the service led by Bishop Gregory Ortiz, then the guest speakers, Dr. Esau McCaulley, and Rev. Gerald Coleman gave very informatively and inspirational. The Cathedral Church of …

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Intercessor Live on Facebook

The Cathedral Church of the Intercessor is live each Sunday on Facebook.  The Intercessors Facebook page now lives streams the complete 9:30 and 11:30 Services each Sunday.   Take a look at to see them live each Sunday or view past …

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2019 ICCEC Calendar is Ready!

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