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All Saints Day, Missions and Development Offering

We take a Missions and Development Offering each year on All Saints Sunday, the Sunday closest to 1 Nov (All Saints Day), this year it is 4 Nov.  The Offering is taken up from CEC churches and individuals and then sent to the ICCEC offices in New York.  The funds are recorded online, so each Rector can see that their funds have been received and credited properly. The four General Secretaries in Africa are then given the amounts they can expect to receive.

-Bishop Gogo (Uganda, South Sudan, and Southern Congo)
-Bishop Koyo (Kenya)
-Bishop Sekelwa (Tanzania)
-Bishop Emmanuel (Rwanda and Northern Congo)

Funds Raised

2018 $25,838.37 (as of 15 Dec)
2017 $41,456.25
2016 $28,128.96
2015 $21,945.07

With 80% going to start or reinvest in micro-businesses and 20% designated for mercy needs (medical, disaster, refugee, food etc). The General Secretaries then account for last year’s funds and their successes and provide the plans for the upcoming year.

The reports of the previous year micro-business are posted here on CEC news.

100% of the funds go to General Secretaries.  No part of the funds are used for travel or any administrative fees.  Any fees required to transfer funds are taken from the Patriarch’s office tithe, which goes to support missions.

The funds are starting to bear fruit, by providing the local Bishops with their own funds to build churches, schools, buy transportation, and to create jobs.  They are becoming self-sufficient and standing on their own.

It is often said, “Give a man a fish and eats for a day, Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” But in Africa, we must ask the question, what if the man has no fishing pole? Let us help provide the means to help them break the cycle of poverty and dependence.  Thank you.

Donations and Offerings can be sent to CEC, Attn Missions. 50 Saint Thomas Pl, Malverne, NY 11565 (Check made out to “CEC”) or you can use a debit or credit card, see below.

Previous Year's Successes
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