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Foundation Day 23 June 2024

When? 23 June 2024

2024 CEC Foundation Day Video
2024 CEC Foundation Day Video

The History

We collect an offering on the Sunday closest to the consecration of our first bishop, Archbishop Adler (26 June 1992). This offering was originally intended to help Archbishop Adler in his ministry. However, he declined the funds and instead suggested they be used to provide grants and loans to churches that were building or expanding their buildings.

To this day, we continue to collect this offering and use the funds to help churches in our diocese build and expand their buildings. These funds have helped many churches to grow and serve their communities.

CEC Foundation 2024


Each Church normally takes up the Foundation Offering.  Mail  Check made out to ‘CEC’ 50 Saint Thomas Pl, Malverne, NY 11565.  Offerings can also be made online.  See the button below. Give to Foundation Day Online

CEC Foundation Day
Give to Foundation Day

The Patriarchs 2024 Foundation Day Message

Foundation Day began as Founder’s Day.  It was an offering to be taken on a Sunday close to the date of the consecration of Austin Randolph Adler as the first Bishop of the Charismatic Episcopal Church.  The offering would be given to him for use at his discretion.  

I am not sure how the name changed from Founder’s Day to Foundation Day, but I assume it had to do with a decision made by Abp Adler to use the offering for the purchase of property and the repair of property.  One-third of the money would be given as direct grants, one-third as low-interest loans, and one-third to be put in interest-bearing accounts. 

So much has happened with the money given to this account.  The most recent event is the building of a cathedral in the Mid-Atlantic Diocese.  I have seen the land and the pictures of the construction.  The building will soon be finished, and I am already planning on being there on July 28, 2024.  At the time of the CEC-NA Convocation in Orlando, the building will have been completed (except for many small details). I am sure Bishop Northwood, his wife Sarah, and each of their children (and spouses) will have plenty of pictures on their phones to share with you.  They can be proud.  And we can be proud that we were a part of it. 

There is a long list of projects funded in one way or another by the Foundation Day Offering.  My own cathedral, which, under Bishop Brett Crompton, is now debt-free, also benefited from the offering as we added an addition to our very small facility.  Again, the folks of Intercessor gave and gave over the years, but we are well aware that it was also sacrificial giving on the part of people all across the country who helped contribute to the endeavor.

So this year, once again, we will take an offering that will be given to the Primate of the Church in North America.  Yet again, it will go into that special fund.  The only difference is that the money is no longer being used only for buildings and property but also for activities and ministry that will grow the communion.  

I believe the money in the account is “legacy money.”  It is always tempting to spend “savings” or “investments” rather than wait.  We have spent some, but this is a fund that the founding generation, many of whom are now retiring from the ministry, is leaving the new leadership who are living the future.  The Primate—that’s me—believes that this “passing of the baton” is critical.  

I hope that each rector or vicar will take this offering seriously.  It is $10 per person.  Cathy and I are always thankful to put in our $20, plus $80.  I am particularly excited because the Church I attend somewhat regularly is looking to purchase a building.  The future is still before us.

Under His mercy,

+Craig W. Bates,


Download the Patriarchs Message

2024 Foundation Day Message
2024 Foundation Day Message

Foundation Day 

Each year, on the Sunday closest to the consecration of our first Bishop, Archbishop Adler (26 June 1992), we collect an offering; we ask each person to contribute $10 per person in their family to the Founders Day Fund. This money is then distributed in thirds.


Grants are provided from 1/3 of the donations received.  Funds not used in a given year are rolled over to the next year. 


Loans are provided from 1/3 of the donation received, plus the previous loans that have been paid back. They are provided at 3% simple interest, with an initial 3-year grace period during which no interest or fees are incurred. Funds not used in a given year are rolled over to the next year.


The investment comes from 1/3 of the donations received. These funds are invested into a Vanguard S&P index stock fund. These funds have been accumulating for many years, and there are no plans to withdraw or distribute the funds. Give to Foundation Day Online

Foundation Day Details

Current Funds AvailableGrants AvailableLoans AvailableInvested
as of May 2024$ 28,161.55$ 46,601.68$ 144,369.86
Funds Raised by Year201720182019202020222023
$ 21,923.57$ 20,635.24$ 15,419.20$ 16,837.58$19,019.10$ 14,039.00
Foundation Offering Application
Foundation Offering Application

To apply for a grant or loan, please complete this application or forward it to your Diocesan Bishop for endorsement.


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